Sunday, July 4, 2010

Good Bye For Now

Fashion of the Third World is going on Hiatus.

For how long? Still indefinite.

Why? Lack of inspiration and time

When? Effective Immediatelly

I'm sorry.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I am sorry. I have been absent for so long.

I promise to post something tomorrow.

For now I am drunk./ Yes it is legal to drink before 21 in this country, one of its few perks.

I'll see you guys 2mrw.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I had the camera for 2 days. The first day of the wake and the burial day. The camera was forgotten in the car and was accidentally brought home in Manila by our driver.
First off, we stayed at a hotel the first night because there were too many relatives staying in the ancestral house. The hotel was a so-so. I've stayed in my fair share of hotels and this would rank at around 5 from a scale of 1-10.
This is my cutest cousin, Ianna. It was her first time staying in a hotel. She threw a huge bitch fit when she found out we were checking out. She said she wants to live in a hotel forever. LOLz!
Funerals here in the Philippines can get very tacky especially in the province. On the next pictures... please don't judge. If I had my way people would be in black but...

This is my sister, Mina doesn't she look cute here?
We got so bored that we started picking flowers from the floral arrangements and started putting them on Ianna's hair. She looks like a darling!
The following day we went home to our ancestral house in Batangas. My Lola has the lovliest garden.
Everything was wet, fresh from the rain.. it was a little foggy too.
I love my 250mm Zoom Lens that my brother got for me in Japan.
AND the tackiest thing of all that trip was the fake Rolls Royce Funeral Car. Only in the Philippines!
The Basilica was marvelous though. That church is a few hundred years old. I've been there several times ever since I was a kid but it never fails to amaze me.

The trip was okay. I had a hard time in the Eulogy part of the funeral. I was asked to give an impromptu speech about my Lola and I had the hardest time. I almost always think in english and I never give tagalog speeches. That's why when I had to give a tagalog speech, I literally had to translate my english thoughts before blurting them out. What came out was a mishmash of words both in english and tagalog. I had to keep it short so as not to further embarrass myself or my family. Lolz!

Filipinos tend to always find celebration in anything, even at death. We like to focus on the happier side of things. Maybe this is why we are top 6 of the happiest people in the world.
Me and my brother goofing off after the funeral. We are such dorks.
We had Pizza, Hot wings and Ice cream. The perfect comfort food for the longest week ever.
Now I'm ready to put away all the grief and keep on moving on. I think that's what my Lola would've wanted.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back in Manila

I'm craving for sleep. The funeral was exhausting. I spent four days in Batangas for my Grandmother's Funeral and it was very melancholic and to add more to the drama, NO INTERNET. That's one thing I hate about the province, you can barely find free wi-fi. Anyway, I'm just doing a quick outfit post before I go to bed. I don't want to disappoint my very slowly growing viewers.

I'm wearing black sued wedge lace-ups from Zara. I got the black skirt from libertad. Used the same vintage bag that I posted a couple of days ago. The top is from Plains and Prints. Necklace I'm wearing is a gold coin on a medium length chain that I stole from my Mom's jewelry safe. The Hat is from a bazaar my mom bought for me a few years back.
Excuse the stupid remote peeking there at ya on the lower right. My family/ relatives are such lousy photographers.
We stayed at the Pontefino Hotel in Batangas. I swear they have the worse free breakfast there. The buffet table is unbearably limited of choices. The food was blah and the service was very slow.
I have the loveliest pair of tights and loveliest pair of boots to pair it with all from Zara
Despite the poor service from the hotel, they have lovely sheets to sleep in. I slept like a baby that night.
The bracelet I wore is just a random find I got from a side shop or what we call bangketa here. The belt is a vintage Cartier. The skirt I am wearing is actually a top but it looks so great as a skirt don't it?

I'm all pooped out. I need some sleep. I will be posting some of the photos that I took in Batangas tomorrow. Anyway, I'm off to bed!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Coffee break

Quick Outfit Post

The Jacket is insane! Look at that texture! I got this from Libertad once again. I'm starting to feel that you can find everything there. The yellow top is from Zara, so are my jeans and shoes. My lovely elephant necklace was my mom's which she bought in Thailand a long long time ago
Aren't these rings lovely??? My father got these from Karachi, Pakistan when I was just a kid. My mom gave them to me a few years back.

This bag was also thrifted. I can't believe I got it at such an excellent quality. It was like it's new when I first got it.

That's all for now!

I haven't packed yet.

In exactly 7 hours, I would be heading to Batangas and I haven't started cleaning my room yet let alone pack.  Since I've been spending most of my time in the hospital for the past month, my room's mess just piled up. Having no time in my hands, my room turned out to be this mess..

Yes. I know. It is shameful. I better get a move on otherwise I'd have to leave without cleaning up and there is a high chance that that would happen. Yikes.

pressure pushing down on me, pushing down on you

I've been absent for the longest time. I know. I have a reason, full of melancholy though. My Grandmother, Simplicia "Fely" S. Maligaya has passed away last June 17, 2010 at exactly 4:00 in the afternoon around her family. The past few days were very hard. Going back and forth in the hospital for several days is one thing but seeing her suffer like that was a whole other experience. It was painful. I couldn't muster the strength to take any pictures of anything that was going on there. Everything was just devastating. Tomorrow, I would be going out of town with my family to go to her wake in our province in Batangas. I haven't seen her in a coffin yet. I scared to see her in it. Its like when I do, everything would be real. Right now it just feels like a nightmare I desperately want to wake up from. But I've got to face reality and I have to be strong for my family.

I know she's in a much better place now. All I can wish is that she is reunited with my dad and aunt up there.

 This photo was taken during my 18th birthday party.

Simplicia "Fely" S. Maligaya